Here’s How to Be a Great Neighbor

Relocating to a new neighborhood is an exciting adventure, but it can also be a bit daunting. Building positive relationships with your new neighbors is key to feeling at home. Here are some tips to help you become a valued member of your new community:

  1. Add a Personal Touch: Introduce yourself to your neighbors with a friendly smile and a brief introduction. Consider hosting a small get-together to meet everyone in a relaxed setting.
  2. Respect Shared Spaces: Enjoy community spaces like pools and parks, but always be mindful of shared areas. Familiarize yourself with community rules to avoid conflicts and show respect for your neighbors.
  3. Be Considerate with Noise: Moving can be noisy, with unpacking and visitors. Keep noise levels down, especially early morning and late at night. If you’re planning a party, give your neighbors a heads up and be mindful of visitor parking.
  4. Mind Your Pets: Be a responsible pet owner by cleaning up after your pet and ensuring they are well-behaved. Not everyone is pet-friendly, so keep dogs on a leash and pay attention to pet signs in your community.
  5. Offer a Helping Hand: Small acts of kindness, like helping an older neighbor or watering plants while someone is on vacation, build strong, lasting relationships. They also set a precedent for a supportive community where neighbors look out for each other.
  6. Participate in Community Events: Engage in local events and activities to get to know people and show that you’re invested in the community. It’s also a great way to stay informed about neighborhood happenings.
  7. Share Resources Share your contact information with neighbors for community activities or a neighborhood watch group. Use bulletin boards or online groups to share local recommendations and services, helping you feel more connected.

Building a strong community starts with individual efforts. These tips will ensure a smooth transition into your new neighborhood and forge positive, lasting relationships.

Welcome to your new home, and best of luck in your new community!

Questions for the Mover? Ridgewood Moving Services Has the Answers

Do all moving companies offer the same services? No, moving companies vary widely in the services they offer. Some focus solely on moving, while others provide a full range of services. Ridgewood Moving is a full-service mover offering residential and commercial packing and moving services, including local, out-of-state, and international moves. As a partner agent with Bekins Van Lines and a silver-certified mover for older adults, we also offer storage, receiving, and inventory management for designers and logistics clients. We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive resource for all your moving needs.

How soon should someone contact us before a move? During off-peak seasons, we recommend contacting us at least 2-3 weeks before your desired move date. In peak season (June-August), it’s best to call once your home is under contract. The beginning and end of the month fill up quickly, so early planning is crucial. Since the highly competitive housing market, some sellers now contact us even before listing their homes.

What should never go on a moving truck? Certain items should not be placed there for safety and security reasons. These include:

  • Hazardous materials like gasoline, propane tanks, and lighter fluid due to their fire risk.
  • Perishable foods and open liquids.
  • Valuable and sentimental items such as important documents, jewelry, and medical devices should be kept with you in a special box.
  • Plants and pets should travel with you for their safety and comfort.

If in doubt, take it with you. Our Moving Consultants will discuss these items during the in-home visit to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Exciting News!

We’re proud to announce that Ridgewood Moving Services has been awarded the Bekins Agent of the Month! This recognition reflects our commitment to providing exceptional moving services and our dedication to customer satisfaction. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for choosing Ridgewood Moving Services for your relocation needs.