Some Insights for Older Adults, Families, and Caregivers Considering a Move to Senior Housing

Growing older isn’t for sissies, my mother-in-law used to say.   Often, growing older ushers in new phases of life, some of which can be quite challenging. One significant challenge may be moving, which can be overwhelming, particularly for our senior loved ones. Hence, when the time comes for relocating our cherished seniors, early preparation is key. With ample preparation time, a smooth move can be ensured for everyone involved, especially our Very Important Seniors!

Here are my top 7 tips to ensure a more seamless move. Of course, it starts with using the best movers for seniors:

  • Kickstart the Process: Initiate the moving process by holding a family meeting to discuss and plan the move. Regular meetings can help in dividing tasks and ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Develop a Comprehensive Action Plan: Creating a timeline, even if the move is years away, helps plan and execute tasks systematically.
  • Maintain a Secure Document Box: Keep all essential documents like wills, deeds, and banking information in a secure box that can be easily accessed.
  • Declutter Early: Avoid carrying unnecessary items to your new place. Begin the decluttering process by disposing of, donating, or selling items that won’t be needed.
  • Designate a Staging Area: Create a space to sort items for donation, sale, or disposal. At Ridgewood Moving, we advocate for donating rather than discarding. Check out our complimentary donation resource list on our website.
  • Assemble Your Professional Team: Gather a team of professionals, including realtors, attorneys, professional organizers, estate sale companies, and, of course, a reputable moving company specializing in senior moves. Ridgewood Moving is Silver Certified in Senior Moves with decades of experience ensuring smooth transitions for our VIP Seniors.
  • Selecting the Right Moving Company: Hiring a reputable moving company, especially one experienced in senior moves, is crucial for a stress-free move. If you’re in New Jersey, ensuring that the movers are licensed and insured is vital. For interstate moves, affiliating with a reputable company or a major van line is advisable. Start your search early, especially in a hot housing market.

Taking the proper steps in preparation for a senior move may seem daunting, but with a well-laid plan and using the best movers for seniors, the process can be significantly eased. Feel free to explore our website for more moving and packing tips and to understand why Ridgewood Moving is a trusted choice for senior moves.