Recently, we wrote a post talking about the Clutter Clashers, a local organization that teaches individuals and companies about proper organization and design. One of the highlights of our meeting together was the presentation that our movers gave to the Clutter Clashers. Because both organizations have knowledge that is beneficial to the other, we spent time talking about how our businesses function.

For example, our professional movers know a lot about packing. So, in order to help the Clutter Clashers provide a better organization service, we showed them some handy techniques. Now, you can see some of these very tips for yourself in the video below!

If you need to move and plan on packing yourself, then you should definitely consider watching this video! This will teach you to make the most of the space in a moving box, making your move as efficient as possible. But if that’s something that you don’t want to handle, don’t forget that we offer a packing service that will make your life easier. That’s because our Ridgewood Movers are experts at what they do!

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