Bergen County Piano Movers

Trust Your Piano to Ridgewood Moving Services, Bergen County, NJ Premiere Moving Professionals specializing in pianos since 1966.

Moving a piano by yourself can be very difficult, and may result in damage to the piano, and/or an in-experienced  “mover”. We advise you hire professionals to move these instruments.   At Ridgewood Moving Services, we have over 50 years of piano moving experience, and understand the the proper  steps to take in order to get your piano moved safely .

Types of Pianos

 Knowing what type of piano you own is important so that you may provide the proper information to your movers.  Piano’s can be classified into three main types; spinets, uprights and grands.


Spinet pianos are relatively light and two men can lift them fairly easily.  Most upright pianos are provided with lifting handles at the back of the frame.  We load the piano onto a 4-wheel dolly as soon as possible.  It makes life much easier, even if you have to move it only a short distance.   

Upright Pianos

Upright pianos are generally smaller than grand pianos, and usually carry all of their weight at the top.  In some instances, the legs and feet of an upright piano can be very fragile. Some types of upright pianos are Spinet, Console, Studio, and the Upright Grand/ Player.

Grand Pianos

Grand pianos, such as the Baby Grand, Boudoir, the ¾ Grand Semi-Concert, and the Concert Grand, are larger and more expensive. Grand pianos are a bit more difficult to move than uprights and require the proper equipment for safe transport.

Proper Piano Handling

Pianos are extremely sensitive instruments and need to be moved with the utmost of care with skilled professionals.   At Ridgewood Moving Services, we train our Moving team and come prepared with furniture dollies, piano boards, straps, blankets, and padding. We also have years of experience with moving pianos, and know how to transport them carefully. For example, the key lid on the piano must be secured in place. Never use tape for this, as it may damage the wood finish. Instead, either lock the lid, or use the blankets and wrap to secure the lid as you wrap the piano. Usually Grand Pianos and Concert Grands are moved with the lid off.  The Movers will wrap and secure the lid separately.  The piano legs are removed and  marked 1,2,3 so they can be put back in the right spot once reassembled.  The main frame of the piano will be placed on a piano board.   Note, piano boards come in many different sizes and fits the various sizes of the special pianos.  The large Grands are moved on their side securely wrapped on the piano boards with padding and shrink wrap.  The music rack is removed and secured with its pins and kept together with the frame of the piano or the piano stool for safe keeping. 

Don’t try to move a piano yourself—you’ll either damage the instrument, or hurt yourself. Trust your piano to the professionals at Ridgewood Moving Services, who have the experience and tools to get the job done right!