Welcome to this month’s blog about testimonials! We at Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Moving) like to promote any new reviews and testimonials we receive on a monthly basis here on our blog. We often receive a lot of positive reviews and love to share these with our readers regularly. Any new testimonials will be posted here next month, so please consider leaving us a review if you haven’t done so already!

Photo Credit: Carl Cox

Photo Credit: Carl Cox

For this post, we want to focus on one long, well written testimonial from Angela on our testimonials page. Every now and then, we get a review from a raving fan that goes above and beyond a typical one and this is a perfect example! It’s a testimonial that talks about the fantastic experience she had during her move. If you want to see more like this or write a review yourself, then check out our testimonials page. Thank you to everyone that has submitted one so far! Without further ado, here’s Angela’s review:

We loved them! by Angela

Because our closing/moving date changed only a few days prior to our original move date, we knew it would be nearly impossible to reschedule the move for the new moving date (which happened to be a Saturday!). I was blown away when I got a call back in such a short amount of time with accommodations made to our new date, even though trucks and staff would be harder to come by. We appreciated the lengths Ridgewood Moving Services went to in order to make our moving day a success. The men worked hours upon hours with smiles on their faces, and they were all incredibly respectful and courteous throughout the whole process. It had already been quite a long day, and the movers didn’t rush out of the house. They ended up with asking repeatedly if there was anything else we needed/wanted them to do/move. My husband and I were very impressed and it definitely took a load of stress out of a crazy day!

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