Some of the most important parts of Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Movers) are the nonprofit organizations that we support. That’s why we make sure that our raving fans know about all events held by these kinds of organizations. This week, I’d like to highlight a special event from the Center for Hope and Safety.

The Center of Hope and Safety is a nonprofit organization that wants to stop domestic violence and make the world a safer place. Not only do they have a 24-hour hotline in order to provide immediate help to those who are suffering, they also give victims a place to stay and rehabilitate themselves. As a result, Ridgewood Moving has proudly supported this organization for many years.

Recently, the Center for Hope and Safety held its 28th annual family picnic! This is an event that is held as a reunion for former and current agency clients. The event was such a success and over 300 people were in attendance! The people that donated made the event possible, so thank you to everyone that helped out! If you want to read about the event, click here. Here’s a short excerpt from the Center for Hope and Safety’s website:

Children enjoyed face painting, crafts, carnival games, and the bouncy castle. For many children the highlight of the day was being “hosed” by the Teaneck Fire department. Free ice cream from the ice cream truck had a constant stream of “customers.” Nobody was hungry thanks to our volunteers who grilled all day and the Presbyterian Church of New Jersey who provided attendees with Korean inspired barbecued. Another group from this church did a martial arts demonstration and held a baseball clinic.


The happy event ended with raffle prizes and an endless stream of laughing, clapping, and whoops of joy as winner after winner claimed their prizes. It was a day to remember and treasure.

The picnic would not have been possible without our staff, volunteers and supporters. We would like to give a special shout out to:

– Suez North America for providing a truck and manpower for the picnic setup, tents,
tables and chairs, bottled water and soda, and all the side salads.
– Omega Phi Beta Soritity who helped out at the donation table.
– KPMG Women’s Network who volunteered where ever they were needed
in many other areas.
– Mainetti who provided volunteers, crafts and supplies.
– Police and Fire Departments of Teaneck who provided safety and security.
– Our donors who provided funds to make all of this possible.

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