Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Moving) takes great pride of the nonprofit organizations we’re involved with. We support the Center of Hope and Safety and its mission to help domestic violence victims and we help donate food to starving families through Move For Hunger.

Today, we’re excited to talk about another nonprofit: Making-It-Home! CEO Cindy Myer was recently awarded for her outstanding support of the organization last December and we’ll only continue to support them in the future!

If you’re interested in learning more, we have an article written by the organization below that will provide more information about their mission. This also explains the role that Cindy and Ridgewood Moving now play as we work with Making-It-Home in this exciting partnership. Take a look:


Making-It-Home is a public/private partnership that works with businesses, residents, government,
and nonprofit agencies in Bergen County to deliver donated furniture to low-income individuals, families, veterans, and people with disabilities who are leaving emergency shelter and moving to new apartments.

Generous donors provide the items that make their houses feel like home. Moving companies, clean-out services, police officers, and others volunteer their time and trucks to furnish the apartments of those who need it most.

On Tuesday, December 6 we were honored to present Cindy Myer with an award for her outstanding support of Making-It-Home. The award was presented at a spectacular breakfast event hosted by NJWMA member Westy Self Storage-Hackensack, which gives complimentary storage space to Making-It-Home.
Cindy has been a real game-changer for our organization, volunteering her time and resources, and championing our program far and wide. During the past year, Cindy has pro led our organization at NJWMA meetings and in this newsletter, referred furniture donors to us, moved furniture to the apartments of our formerly homeless clients, donated furniture that Ridgewood Moving customers no longer want, and even moved us from Westy’s warehouse in Upper Saddle River to their new facility in Hackensack. And all this while helping to keep unwanted items out of our land landfills and make our environment just a little bit cleaner.

We are lucky to have Cindy Myer on our team and many other NJWMA members as well. We salute all those who have assisted us during the past year and look forward to adding new volunteers to our list.