Have you missed any of Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Moving) blogs recently? We’ve got some great posts, with some of our personal favorites being about the Annual Paterson Toy Sale. We help out with the Toy Sale every year and you can read about how we helped bring the event together last December. We’ve also got some great tips on what kind of food items are perfect for food drives, courtesy of Move For Hunger. Finally, we have some fantastic testimonials from happy clients that have recently moved with us.

If any of those topics interest you, then take a look at our posts below:

Getting Involved in the Paterson Toy Sale

Ridgewood Moving Services supports the toy sale every year, but we do more than just collect the toys! We really care about making a difference with these kids during the holiday season, so we always go the extra mile and try to do as much as possible. Here’s what we do to show our support.


Thank You for Helping the Annual Paterson Toy Sale

Did you miss the event? Betsy Haley helped organize the Paterson Toy Sale and had some wonderful things to say about the event and our volunteer work. She helps paint a great picture of the magic that happened during the toy sale, so please take a look.

Move For Hunger’s Tips for Food Donations

Food donations are important, but the food being donated is just as important as the donation itself. For example, making sure the food will last a long time and is healthy is extremely important. There are even items that are often overlooked, such as baby food, that could use a lot more attention during food drives. That’s why Sarah Cuellar, a writer at Move For Hunger, wrote a blog post about food that we should be donating to the organization.


January Testimonials

This week’s testimonials mostly come from our testimonial’s page. After a move, our raving fans can come to our website and post their opinions on their service for all to see. We always get an overwhelming amount of positive reviews, so thank you to everyone who has submitted a review so far!

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