ChristinaChristina Lowe

As the months go by and we fall deeper into the moving season, we like to acknowledge our team members that go the extra mile and have stood out with outstanding performance for the month. This month we will honor three members of our team and give them recognition for the amazing work they have been doing during these difficult times while we battle Covid-19. First, we would like to acknowledge our move coordinator Christina Lowe. Christina has been working between her home and the office and has done such a remarkable job handling all the stress that comes this time of year. She has been amazing staying on top of the work piling up on her desk and handling it in a timely manner.

Griffin Cancro

Next, we would like to acknowledge one of our student movers Griffin Cancro. Griffin is a hard worker and whenever he is needed, even on his days off, we can always count on him to perform to his best ability and give one hundred percent effort. There is no piece too big or too heavy for this guy.

Ryan Caloo

Last, we want to acknowledge another one of our student movers Ryan Caloo. Ryan has started spending most of his time in the office as the ‘Brand Ambassador’. He has been doing a great job handling phone calls with clients and potential clients and has started moving into doing estimates for smaller moves which has relieved a lot of stress off our office team.