Every month, we receive amazing testimonials from our raving fans that have used us in the past. Our primary sources of testimonials come from our testimonials page, Yelp, Google +, or Angie’s List. The testimonial below is one that we received this month on our testimonials page:

Absolutely the best moving company we have ever used. Excellent sales staff, team of movers, and customer service. I highly recommend them. Great job!! – Anthony T.

This one’s short, sweet, and to the point! On the other hand, we also get people that have a lot to say and can write essay-length testimonials! The following testimonial is a bit different from others, since it was personally sent to Cindy, but it’s definitely worth sharing. Let’s take a look:


I wish I could have sent you this message last week but I was still unpacking and trying to get settled. Now that I feel like a “person” again, I just couldn’t wait to send you this message. Thank you isn’t enough for all of the coordinating and preparing you and Steve did for our 3 part move. From the time we met, I knew that you and Ridgewood Moving would be the mover of choice for us. Your professionalism and ability to process the many facets of this move was impressive. Unlike the average moving from point A to point B jobs, this move was particularly challenging due to our circumstances with the sale of our home, addition of an temporary apartment to add to the mix and an ever changing closing date.

Having access to Steve during the many twists and turns of this move made the process tolerable for me. When I presented him with a problem, he was able to grab a hold and run with it, returning with a solution, which gave me peace of mind.

Your packers were wonderful. They not only work efficiently, their finished product is like artwork. All of my finest and most treasured pieces arrived beautifully packed and safely to their new home.

The movers are unbelievable. I gave them a nickname of the “Olympic Move Team”. Not only are they organized and work like a finely tuned instrument, they were pleasant (most of the time smiles) even as they were carrying heavy pieces of furniture from room to room. They would ask important questions and not simply assume that I wanted something somewhere.

As you know, this was a huge move and they were relentless (not stopping for break or lunch) in order to get the job completed on Day 2 instead of dragging it out into Day 3. This was so greatly appreciated as I could use this extra day to begin organizing my new home.

Geraldo is such a pleasant man, always keeping me informed and making sure I was ok with how and where items were placed. Big smiles!
Dullah – Hard worker and if you hadn’t heard, helped my elderly neighbor as she was injured by a horse on her farm next door.
Russell – Sweetheart and most adorable. Very responsive when I made an inquiry.
Duncan – Equally as sweet. Works very well with Russell. Good team.
Ryan – Like his smiles, even as he was carrying one of my many wardrobe boxes up a million steps on an empty stomach. Great personality!
Chris – ‘The Brawn’ – If he wasn’t present, my favorite bedroom furniture probably would not have made it to my room. He is truly unbelievable in his capacity to manage the heaviest of pieces. As you know, I had several pieces which would test his ability and he managed without breaking a sweat.

If you would ask me if I could imagine my move being successful without the above individuals and Ridgewood Moving, I’d say NO WAY!

Thank you for everything.

Lisa F.

Look at that incredibly long and thoughtful response! The thing I love about this testimonial is that it doesn’t just talk about the service: it specifically talks about our movers individually and highlights their best qualities. This really does show that we are something special as a team. Lisa got to know our movers personally and enjoyed being around them. How many people can say that they became friends with their movers?

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