My name is Ryan Caloo, and this is my second summer with Ridgewood Moving Services. Last summer, it was brought to my attention that the company needed extra movers and I thought it would be a great way to make money and stay in shape while I was home from school. I was nervous when first arriving because I was in a new environment with new faces, but after the first couple of minutes the butterflies vanished, and I was asking myself why I was so nervous.

Everyone on the team is extremely welcoming and always have smiles on their faces. The team members here at RMS, (Ridgewood Moving Services), come from all different backgrounds from different parts of the world making us a very diverse group of individuals. Cindy has a great vision for RMS and has done such an amazing job building a cultural environment where everyone is more family rather than coworkers.

I never realized how hard the work really was until I was the one carrying the 300lb dresser up and down several flights of stairs. Doing the heavy lifting and working in all types of weather may sound like it is not fun but I beg to differ. When 3 or 4 other guys are with you, everyone is working and communicating and the time flies by before you know it.

I started as a student mover working part-time in the summer, as well as a couple of days here and there during the winter. I was lucky enough to receive the opportunity to work in the office and see how the company operates internally. I thought it was all fun and games and nothing to serious went on but boy was I wrong. The amount of paperwork that must be filed, incoming inventory that must be recorded, setting up estimates and jobs, and receiving incoming phone calls are just part of the day and I am ready to learn so much more about how we operate.