One of our biggest nonprofit organizations that we support is called Move For Hunger. We work with Move For Hunger to help make food donations to our local food banks. How do we do that? Well, when you’re about to move out of your house and realize that you have nonperishable food items that you no longer need, you can choose to donate it to the organization. You put the food in a box with a Move For Hunger label, and we help deliver it to the food banks. It’s that simple!

Recently, Move For Hunger created a blog post titled “5 Reasons You Should Connect With Move For Hunger.” In the post, the writer outlines some great reasons as to why you should consider donating to this nonprofit organization. Here’s what it says:

1) Clear The Clutter!!

Donating your unwanted food will help clear out your cabinets before your big move. Our movers will give you a box that you could just toss your donations into and get them out of your pantry.

2) Keep Food Out Of Landfills!


He may love trash, but Oscar does not want to see perfectly good food end up there. Unfortunately in the moving process, that is where unwanted food goes; working with Move For Hunger can prevent that.

3) It Is So Simple!

Seriously simple! Instead of placing the food in a garbage can, you place it in a box and the moving company will drop it off at the food bank for you.

4) Help Feed Someone in Your Neighborhood!

Your donations will go to a local food bank, meaning you will be putting food on someone’s plate from within your community.

5) That Feel-Good Shine!

It is inevitable. Whenever you help someone else, you cannot stop the giant smile that will take over your own face. It is a well earned smile so flaunt it!

These are some great reasons! If you find this convincing and you are Ridgewood Moving Services client, then please consider making a donation! Ask anyone about Move For Hunger at our office and we will be glad to assist you. If you would like to see the full, original post then please click here. You can also learn more about Move For Hunger by visiting its homepage here.

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