Winter can be a wonderful time of the year. Building snowmen, ice skating, drinking hot chocolate and sleigh riding are all fun things we enjoy during the winter months. If you find that you need to move during the winter, there can be a few extra challenges that you need to account for.
1. Clear Your Driveway of all Snow and Ice
On the day of your move, be sure your driveway and sidewalks are clear of snow and ice. Regardless of whether you are moving yourself or hiring professionals, you want to make sure everyone stays safe. If some ice remains on walkways after shoveling, spread sand over the ice patch to increase traction. Remember to take care of the driveway and walk ways at your new home as well.

2. Ridgewood Moving Services Team Will Protect Your Entryways
In high traffic areas of your home, our movers will place large pieces of cardboard or lay floor protection down to protect it from dirt, salt and water that will get tracked in during the move. If you have any area rugs, remove them prior to placing floor coverings down. Moving during the winter tends to track in extra snow and water, so floor protection is essential.

3. Ensure Utilities are Turned On
Prior to your move, check with your realtor or property manager to ensure the water, heat and electricity at your new home are turned on and fully functioning. In the cold winter, you do not want to be stuck without these things.

4. Pack Winter Essentials and Unload them First
Be sure to pack a box of winter essentials for your move. Include a warm change of clothes, paper products for your new home like toilette paper, some snacks and easy to prepare food items. Have this box loaded last and unloaded first so that you will have access to these items as soon as you arrive. Don’t forget the hot chocolate!!

5. Get your Car Serviced
If traveling a long distance, be sure to have your car serviced prior to the trip. Get a general tune-up and be sure to have your tires and brakes inspected to ensure they are in good condition for traveling in the ice and snow. The last thing you want in the middle of a move is a breakdown. Don’t forget window wiper fluid!!

Moving during the winter does add a few challenges, but if you keep these winter tips in mind you should be just fine. Stay safe and Warm!!