Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Movers) throws a holiday party annually to celebrate its success throughout the year. Last year, we threw together a photo slideshow that took us through every important moment that happened in 2014. It was a great way to see how far we’ve come as a team, so we’ve decided to make another one for this year as well!

This year’s slideshow captures so many great moments from the year 2015. We can see photos from our work at events like the Paterson Toy Sale and great nonprofit organizations like the Center for Food Action. You can also get a glimpse of our workers on the job and see what it’s like for them to be a mover! If you want to see the slideshow for yourself, check out the link below:


Click here to watch the presentation!


Holiday 2015


It’s been a great year for Ridgewood Moving Services and we have all of our raving fans who supported us throughout the year to thank! Thank you so much for believing in our moving company and keeping us in business for 50 years. Here’s to many more years of success!

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