Welcome to our newest regular feature on the blog, A Day in the Life of a Mover! We’re sending our office staff out on the job with our professional movers so they can get a first-hand experience of the hard work they do every day. Our first post is all about Christina’s experience. She took this new assignment head on by moving and packing along with the rest of the moving team! Take a look at what she had to say below.


Being a moving coordinator, I was aware of what basically went on during a move day. When I actually went out on the truck with a team for the day, I learned much more. I developed a different way of understanding what the team goes through to get the job accomplished. I am not just saying accomplished in the sense of what they have to do, but in the sense of them having such great pride in what they do to assist someone in a time when individuals are basically uprooting their lives.

I went out with a team of three for a small move into storage. I was able to ride in the moving truck, which for me was the true experience as being part of the team for the day. In the beginning when we first arrived, the foreman introduced himself, as did the team to the client. The client already knew me from our phone calls, so it was nice to finally meet them in person. The walk through was next and the team just got started and knew what to do. Each team member picked an area to start in and retrieved what they needed from the moving truck.

I learned how to wrap furniture, complete a proper inventory, tag items and I even got to use the walk board onto the truck when I carried boxes and small pieces of furniture. I learned how they load up the truck as well. There was no way I would just sit back and watch everyone work and not pitch in.


Women of RMS


During this time the team chatted among themselves, not to waste time but to make the day go by smoother, almost as if to make the hardest of tasks not seem so hard anymore. They all work as a tight knit team, working all as one solid unit.

Once the move was completed, we returned to the warehouse to unload and fill up the storage vaults. We were even under the estimate.

I knew prior to going out what a tough job moving truly is. I always had a high level of respect for the teams and the movers as individuals. I left that day not only exhausted, but with a whole new outlook on the moving team. I had an even higher level of respect for them. All the praise I see for the moving team, be it online or in an email, was brought to light for me that day.