Welcome to another installment of Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Movers) testimonials! As in previous posts, I have selected some fantastic reviews from our most recent raving fans. These can be anything from written testimonials, personal interviews I have done over the phone, or ones from review sites!

Here’s the latest collection of testimonials we got at the office! The folder that I keep testimonials in is starting to fill up!

Here’s the latest collection of testimonials we got at the office! The folder that I keep testimonials in is starting to fill up!

So, without further ado, here are some of our newest testimonials:

Rashida M (Written Testimonial): The gentlemen movers were efficient. The lady phone staffer was professional and helpful. They all made the move easy and worry free. Thank you.

Dale T (Yelp): I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Ridgewood Moving. From the initial estimate to the final move, everyone was spectacularly helpful. The estimate was done quickly and accommodated my work schedule.

Ridgewood moved my family and my parent’s family during a 3-day span and both moves were done very professionally. The crew leader, Chris, and his team were extremely friendly and efficient. Got to know another member of his team, Jimmy, simply such a wonderful personality and enjoyed talking to him.

Both times the move actually came below estimates – which was a wonderful surprise.

I’ve moved several times in the past and have used other moving companies. While I haven’t had any complaints with those companies, Ridgewood Moving is simply one of the best and I highly recommend them.

Fran B (Written Testimonial): The men who moved us were in my opinion the best that you could hope for. They went out of their way to please and did it willingly.

Jean K (Yelp, Google +, Angie’s List): After being selected, Ridgewood Moving met with us to go over the schedule for the day of our moves (they moved two of our locations) and what we should expect. They then walked around each of our offices and made suggestions of how we should pack things. They provided us with a labeling system for our boxes so the movers would know exactly what rooms we wanted our boxes placed in. Our offices were small and we couldn’t pack any more boxes because we had no place to put them and still continue to function, so they came and moved what we did have packed, freeing up the space to finish our packing. We didn’t have to worry about packing our PCs. They did that for us! They also took apart our desks and cabinets in our kitchenette area, which was a major help for us.

The two moves went extremely well. They showed up on time both days of our move. The first thing they did was walk around our offices to determine everything that was to be moved. The movers’ “coordinator” then told us the order in which the rooms would be moved. At both locations we still had some last minute packing, but they told us not to worry and that we didn’t have to rush even if it was in the first room they were moving – that they would come back to each room at the end and pick up whatever we still had in there. Each and every mover was extremely nice, friendly, and conscientious and no matter who you asked to do something, they all said “No problem.” We were amazed at how efficient they were and how quick the moves were. We expected the move for each office to take the entire day and both moves were done early in the afternoon, so we were able to unpack and start working the next day. I can’t say enough great things about Ridgewood Moving.

Aparna M (Yelp, Google +): I have had the pleasure of moving with Ridgewood Moving services several times over the past few years. Each time the office staff and the movers were extremely careful, polite, timely and professional. I would highly recommend RMS!

Leonard C (Angie’s List): We were very happy with our move. Our move was done on a Saturday. The movers showed up on time and ready to go in a team of four. They were all very polite and professional. We were still boxing items and cleaning the home and this did not bother them at all. They were happy to help and even took my television off the wall. They arrived at the delivery location before we did and were ready to go. Everything about the move went smoothly and stress free. When we originally scheduled the move we were told they were scheduled for 9 hours but if it took less time then it would cost less. As I have dealt with many movers I was skeptical. When it was time to pay we were pleasantly surprised that it was significantly cheaper than we expected. We could not have been happier with the move. At the conclusion of the move the president of the company came to our home to make sure we were satisfied with the services provided which was a nice touch. As stated above I have used multiple movers and can say this is the only one I would use again.

Mimi S (Interview):

• If you had to describe your move in one word, what would it be and why?

Terrific. Everything went perfectly.

• Was our staff helpful in catering to your needs?

Yes! They are not just movers, they’re smart movers.

Gayle S (Interview):

• If you had to describe your move in one word, what would it be and why?

– Smooth. First of all, I had two visits before the move to inventory everything for an accurate estimate and also for moving a difficult item. It is preparation like this that made the actual day run smoothly. Secondly, the crew we had were terrific. They knew exactly what to do and they stayed until everything was in the right place.

• Was our staff helpful in catering to your needs?

– As mentioned above, the staff was very helpful. I was given a tour of the storage facility, which was neat and clean. It made me feel confident that I had made the right choice in movers.

• Is there a particular memorable moment during the move that stood out to you?

– Well, we got the guys pasta and salad for lunch and they had a fun 1/2 hour watching the World Cup. Everyone felt very comfortable with each other.

• Would you ever consider using Ridgewood Moving Services again and why?

– Absolutely. Even though we were exhausted at the end of the day, everything went according to plan. They were very capable and careful with both houses and our belongings.

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