So far, I’ve covered two major nonprofit organizations, Move For Hunger and Shelter Our Sisters, that Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Movers) fully supports. However, CEO Cindy Myer is always looking for new ways to help out the community and often tells me about new nonprofit organizations that she finds. When Cindy stopped by the Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative (BVMI) this week, she spoke to Amanda Missey to congratulate her on her new position as Executive Director. When I heard about this, I felt compelled to write a post because I think they support a fantastic cause.

So, what does BVMI do? Well, BVMI is a volunteer nonprofit organization that provides free primary and preventative medical care to those that can’t afford it in Bergen County. I think that this is a very noteworthy organization because they’re the only state licensed ambulatory care facility in the county that offers free healthcare to low-income citizens! Something like free healthcare has the power to save someone’s life, making BVMI an extremely important organization to have in New Jersey.

For example, Ana is a mother of two children and works as a restaurant waitress. With the salary that she makes, it’s hard to support her whole family, so healthcare is not easily accessible for her. However, she started to have sleepiness, weight gain, dry skin, muscle pain, and sweating over time, making it vital for her to see a doctor. This is where BVMI comes to the rescue, as Dr. Salvatore Laraia was able to diagnose her with hypothyroidism and prescribed a treatment immediately.

Ana standing by Dr. Laraia from BVMI

Ana standing by Dr. Laraia from BVMI

Ana was able to feel better because of BVMI. When asked about the service that BVMI provided, Ana said, “The treatment I received at BVMI changed my life. I am a different woman.” Dr. Laraia was glad to help and said, “Even though I have been successfully treating patients for more than 40 years, each time I get results like this, it is just as gratifying for me as it is for the patient.” Wow! These are absolutely amazing responses that stand as a testament to the worth of BVMI.

I think it is great that we are now aware of BMVI because Ridgewood Moving Services is constantly looking for ways to help out nonprofits and become a resource to them. For instance, we move a lot of doctors in our local area, so we can now tell them about how BVMI needs volunteer doctors! By doing this, we can support BVMI and help keep the organization running for those that need it.

If you want to learn more about BVMI, you can visit their website here. We love promoting organizations that are helping the community, so we will post more like this on the blog in the future! Check out our site daily to stay updated with our latest posts. Do you have a charitable organization that is really important to you? Let us know in the comments below!