Welcome to this month’s installment of testimonials! When we receive an excess of positive testimonials in a month, we highlight some of our biggest raving fans. We rely on our fans to spread the word about Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Movers), so thank you to everyone that contributed for this month’s post!

Usually, we post testimonials every month that we have received online through sites like YelpGoogle +, or Angie’s List. These kinds of reviews boost Ridgewood Moving Services’ (Ridgewood Moving’s) ratings, which helps spread the word about our company. However, we also receive very thoughtful personal messages that are sent to either our staff members or CEO Cindy Myer personally.

Today’s post is all about personal emails that raving fans have sent into us! We want to share their experiences with you, so please take a look at what they had to say below:

Dear Cindy,


I apologize for this delayed response but this is the first time in weeks that I’ve been able to sit down!! Thank you again for everything. It’s been 31 years since you moved me the last time (which was perfect and in a blizzard) and now I have a very current personal endorsement. Your professionalism, flexibility and compassion and that of your crew made a tough situation so much better. As in the past, I will continue to wholeheartedly recommend Ridgewood Moving to my clients. Feel free to use my name as a reference for your potential clients. I’d be happy to speak with them.


The house finally closed on Tuesday but not without last minute angst. It will probably take some time to get my new home cozy ( real estate code for tiny) but I’m looking forward to having all of this behind me and starting a new chapter.


Again, thanks to all of you and thank you, also, for the lovely bottle of wine. I will look forward to enjoying that once settled.


Best regards,


Hi Cindy,


The move went really well. Thank you for checking. The team was fantastic. They were polite, extremely professional, and they made the experience an enjoyable one.  They went above and beyond. We hope to be in the same house for the foreseeable future but will absolutely recommend your company to our friends and family. Thank you for the great customer service.


Holly Kramer

Loeb Family


After many moving experiences, I have never been able to say everything went FANTASTIC! The men were caring, compassionate, hardworking and all around fantastic.

Hi Christina:


The guys were fantastic, especially the lead man.  I cannot remember his name, but I filled out the paperwork with him.  He was wonderful and locked my mom’s home up for me.  I felt very comfortable with your crew.  Thank you.


Best regards,




The guys were terrific. Such lovely gentlemen.


Not a ding on our freshly painted walls. We did not have a scratch on the marble tile in the entrance from the safe. We’ll see if it can be buffed.


No big deal.


Thank you for everything, we appreciate it.


I’m so proud of you Cindy, keep it up.



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