Missed any Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Moving) blogs? We got you covered! This month, we have awards from Move For Hunger and Making-It-Home, a moving guide from NJWMA, a note about customer service from Cindy, and testimonials from our raving fans!

If any of those topics interest you, then take a look at our posts below:

Ridgewood Moving Services Named Mover of the Year by Move For Hunger

“…Move For Hunger awarded us with being one of the 2016 Partner Movers of the Year! The organization has recognized our moving company as having gone above and beyond others that have supported it in the past. We’re extremely honored to have received such a reward, so thank you so much Move For Hunger!”


Cindy Myer Awarded for Outstanding Support of Making-It-Home

“…we’re excited to talk about another nonprofit: Making-It-Home! CEO Cindy Myer was recently awarded for her outstanding support of the organization last December and we’ll only continue to support them in the future!”


NJWMA’s Moving Guide

“Perhaps the most important aspect of NJWMA is education. The more people know about moving, the better and safer their experiences will be! That’s why we’ve copied an excerpt from their site…which explains all the different kinds of moves a company can make. We do both local and long distance moves, so this is a great way to learn about what Ridgewood Moving offers as well.”



February Testimonials

“Welcome to this month’s installment of testimonials! When we receive an excess of positive testimonials in a month, we highlight some of our biggest raving fans.”


Moving Matters by Cindy Myer

“This message is from CEO Cindy Myer. She gives a fantastic look at the value of customer service shown at Wheaton-Bekins, the company that helps provide long distance moves with Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Moving). Cindy is the president of the New Jersey Warehousemen and Movers Association (NJWMA) as well, so she shows that good customer service could help establish all the moving companies in the group as legitimate movers as opposed to the rouge movers they fight against.”

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