How do you keep connected with Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Moving)? Do you check our website regularly or have you followed us on social media? If you got here through social media, then you may be surprised to find out that we’re on a variety of other websites as well!

Here are all the social media websites that we are currently posting on:

1. Facebook


Want to hear about upcoming events, see blog posts, and check out awesome photos of the team at work? Like us on Facebook and connect with other raving fans!

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2. Twitter


Our Twitter page is similar to our Facebook page, but the information is a lot more condensed due to the word limit of Twitter. If you like to get quick, yet brief updates on our company, then we highly recommend that you follow us on Twitter!

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3. Instagram


We post photos and videos on all of our social media sites, but we post the most photos per week on our Instagram page. Check out our Instagram to see Ridgewood Moving Services in action!

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4. LinkedIn


Want to see the blog posts that we offer every single week? We always post every blog post on our LinkedIn, so check us out here if you do not want to miss a post!

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We’re constantly keeping our raving fans updated in different ways, so if you want the most information about Ridgewood Moving Services, then follow us on every platform possible! We highly recommend this because we offer different kinds of posts on each social media website we use. For example, we may post a lot of pictures on one but offer detailed information about upcoming events on another. Following us also shows that you’re a strong supporter of our company as well!

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