A few months ago, I interviewed Alexandra Pico-Cabrera and got to learn a lot about who she is as a person and an employee at Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Movers). I really enjoyed interviewing her because I was able to get a better understanding of the kind of people that work at the company early on in my employment. Because I enjoyed this so much, I was really drawn to interviewing our newest employee, Christina Lowe.

Christina Lowe

Moving Into the Moving Industry

Christina’s interview was fascinating because I got to hear from the perspective of someone that hasn’t worked at Ridgewood Moving Services very long, yet she said that she already had 14 years of experience in the moving industry.

“I was in the other side, which is the third party side, that works directly with the moving side,” she said “So my world set up appliance disconnects and crating and pool table disassemblies and all that.”

When she was 22, she started working for this third party company as a customer service representative. However, as the years went on, she moved up the chain fast and eventually became a general manager.

“I’m a loyal employee. Whether I have my issues or not, I just stick with it thinking [to] try and implement change whether they accept it or not,” she said. “I’m good at what I do once I do it and I just stuck with it.”

Christina eventually stopped working for this company and started to look for new work opportunities at the age of 37. When she turned to her former boss for help, he recommended the open moving consultant position at Ridgewood Moving Services.

“I went to him and said ‘What’s the deal with them?’ and he said ‘[Ridgewood Moving Services is a] great company, [Cindy is a] great person to work for, Cindy’s a great person, she’s very business oriented and does a lot for the industry,’” she said. “It just came highly recommended and it made me feel comfortable.”

Working on the Other Side

Christina has worked with moving and storage in the past, but being a moving consultant is still a completely new to her as a position.

“I answer phones, speak to customers, set up their moves, give them confirmation calls, [and] handle the paperwork,” she said. “I’m like a point of contact for them for questions in their move other than contacting the salesperson.”

Even though she’s taking on all of these new tasks at once, she said that feels very comfortable because her coworkers support her.

“Everybody’s very friendly, more so than I expected and very willing to help and will answer my questions even though they’re in the middle of something,” she said. “It’s great, especially when you’re new.”

Christina said that she really likes her job so far because her workload is very diverse. She also really enjoys working with people on a personal level in the office.

“When those little things pop up, like customers come in the door [and] drivers come in from their day, I like to her their stories about their day,” she said. “That I love.”

Christina said that her new job at Ridgewood Moving Services was a lot better than she expected. She feels happy to work for the company and likes her new position as a moving consultant.

“I feel good here so far,” she said. “Even though it’s been a week and two days, it’s been good.”

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