Two weeks ago, we welcomed our newest employee, Dee Adamson, on Ridgewood Moving’s social media. Thank you to everyone that wished her a warm welcome! When we last welcomed a new employee, it was when Christina Lowe first joined us in September last year. To give everyone a better idea of what kind of person Christina is, we interviewed her about her interests and work experience. Because that went over very well, we also interviewed Dee recently to introduce you to the newest member of our team. We hope you enjoy it!


Meeting Dee

What are some of your general interests?

“I love old architecture. That’s one of my general interests. I read quite often. Not necessarily the normal juicy novels that everybody is into. I like to read about other countries, just the ways of life of different people. I do not watch television as a rule, unless it’s a really good cooking show or something involving architecture, homes, things like that.

What draws you into architecture?

I’m not really sure. I’m very interested in all things old. New architecture doesn’t really excite me as much as anything ancient. We go on vacation and my family goes in one direction and I go in the other to look at old churches, old cemeteries. Some people get totally creeped out by that, but I just think that it’s amazing.

I’m very interested in people too and cultures, so that really helps me a lot with what I do on the customer service end.


Working in the Moving Industry

Explain a little bit about yourself and your background.

I was a stay at home mom for many years. I went out into the business world. I started out with a mostly commercial moving as a receptionist and worked my way up after 15 years. I coordinated moves for big companies all over the country and sometimes the world international moves, etc.

I started out doing a lot of the household and the van line work but graduated more toward the commercial end of the industry. Basically, heavy customer service work. I dealt with a lot of CEOs of major corporations. I started out as a receptionist, answering some phones, and evolved over the years to everything. I went through the ranks. I always say that the only thing I didn’t do there was payroll and dispatching. Everything else I’ve had my hand in, gotten involved with, worked with bidding, but all very heavy customer service background.

Were interested in this job because it is people oriented?

If it weren’t for the one on one contact, this wouldn’t be something that I would be interested in at all. At Ridgewood Moving Services, we’re all in the same industry, we all have the same goal. We want to get everybody from point A to point B happy and damage free.

Do you have a good impression of the employees that work here?

Absolutely. That’s one of the reasons why I took this job. And that’s the truth. I had such a good, warm feeling from the first day. When I met Cindy, I was so impressed by her story and it totally inspired me. Everybody thinks that women can’t do much of anything, so seeing the way she’s evolved and developed this company is just impressive but it’s also inspiring.

Cindy’s story attracted you to RMS?

Absolutely. I was looking for something completely different in the same industry than where I was. I wanted to find something with more of a personal touch.

When I started to think about changing careers and switching companies to work for, I’d remembered Cindy and her story, spoke to a few people, and got in touch with her. She said, “Come in and talk to me.” When I first came here, I realized that this is exactly what I wanted. We’re busy and we get the job done, but I love the closeness and the human side to the job. That’s what I was drawn to.


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