It has been 128 days since our world turned upside down. March 13, 2020 is when I first had our Ridgewood Moving team meeting regarding Covid-19. We prepared for the worst, but hope (and still hoping) for the best.

The quick action and input from my team made us very prepared, in my opinion. As I have communicated in previous notes, we pivoted to a virtual/remote moving company with grace and efficiency. We were very transparent when working with customers through the trials and tribulations of virtual reality. I am grateful and proud of my team as well as the customers that have been so wonderful and supportive to work with.

As we watch other businesses try to navigate and reopen, we understand the pain and stress they are dealing with in bringing their employees back to a new working environment. I can also appreciate the anxiety that opening the offices puts on the staff. I would like to share a note that is going out to my team. There is no one I learn more from than those who work beside me every day at Ridgewood Moving Services.

July 6, 2020
Dear Team RMS,

We have certainly been tested at Ridgewood Moving over the past several months. From our first meeting on Friday, March 13th until now…we have met the many challenges that came with the Covid-19 pandemic. Together we created new processes and procedures and updated health and safety protocols for the safety of our company, customers, families, and each other. We pivoted to a virtual moving company almost overnight working so well under some stressful early weeks. I am so proud and thankful for those of you that worked through it all.

The early message that was sent out through our website, social media platforms and internal and external email messaging was that we are an essential business and fully operational, while taking all the necessary precautions to safe guard everyone during these unique circumstances.

As we in NY, NJ feel a little sigh of relief and have returned to our office “open”, we will continue to offer flexibility of remote work and virtual surveys. I do want to reiterate the importance of not letting your guard down, have your masks available and maintain as much social distancing as possible. We are not out of the woods yet, continue being mindful and advise management if/when you are put into an uncomfortable situation.

We experienced a very tense situation while we were figuring out how to behave and work during this pandemic. I hope you all know how proud I am of each and everyone of you, you have been extraordinarily valuable during this time.

This is a summer to remember for sure. Please remember that this is the busiest time in the moving industry; June, July, August typically…… and demand. Due to Covid-19 we are seeing a spike in residential sales from folks that want to move out of the city to those that want to relocate to the “burbs”. The Moving Industry is predicting an extended season throughout September. Plan your moves well in advance and do not wait until last minute. Use us as a resource, we’re happy to help!!

With the moving industry deemed essential and operating throughout the pandemic, most of us had time to get into a rhythm of health and safety precautions. Especially the movers in the Tri-State area, we got hit so hard in the beginning of March/April. If wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing and being mindful can assist in protecting one another, where is there room for debate??