Many long time raving fans of Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Moving) are familiar with the nonprofit agency called Move For Hunger. That’s because we’re a certified moving agent of this organization! Ridgewood Moving Services helps Move For Hunger carry out its mission to end world hunger by donating our client’s nonperishable food items to people that need it. We’ve been helping this nonprofit organization for years and are proud to help make a difference in our community.

Even if you aren’t moving with us, there are still plenty of ways that you can help too! Something we often do on our blog is promote food drives that Move For Hunger is throwing across New Jersey. But if you can’t support these events, you can still help make a difference in your own home! Move For Hunger posted five tips on how you can reduce food waste on its blog. We find this information extremely valuable so we’re spreading the word! If you would like to see the full post, written by Move For Hunger blogger Mark Schanen, then you can visit its website by clicking here. Without further ado, here are Move For Hunger’s five tips for reducing food waste:

1.) Visit the Make It Last website to learn useful tips to help you reduce food waste in your home. Here you can also learn about the effect that plastics have on preventing food waste.

2.) Learn about food storage and packaging and how storing perishables in a better way can greatly extend shelf life. For example a cucumber that has been wrapped will last up to 4 times longer than one that is not.

3.) Use Technology to help you take advantage of the food you already have in your kitchen! Today there are apps and websites where you can plug in the ingredients you already have in your kitchen, and it will tell you what you can make! This will ensure that food in your kitchen ends up on a plate, and not in a landfill.


4.) Pay Attention to Packaging – This may sound obvious, but checking the packaging the food comes in will help you make better use of the food. for example if the package is resealable, make sure it is closed correctly. Another tip is placing food that is expiring first in the front to make sure it gets used first.

5.) Donate to Local Organizations – If you are about to throw food out think twice! Local organizations are always in need of food and will be happy to take it. Consider hosting a food drive to help collect food to help your neighbors.

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