June 2020 Constant Contact Message…………………….

Moving Moments June edition……Silver Linings

I just feel I need to mention this before starting this months blog. June 11th 2020, marked the 15th year that my husband Robert passed away and I began a new career….running Ridgewood Moving. At the time I had a choice, and I chose to try to run a company and move forward. My daughters Melissa and Samantha were 14 and 16 and I needed to show them that we would be ok. It certainly has not been easy, especially in the beginning but life teaches us many lessons, shines a light on opportunities and I believe in silver linings….

Covid-19 came on fast and furious in early March. There was so much uncertainty, despair, anxiety and heartache for many. We saw Leaders rise, businesses pivot and our essential everyday hero’s make us grateful and proud. We were forced to take a pause and change so much of what we were doing in our daily lives, abruptly all while wearing masks…but with this time there were silver linings………

Family time has never been valued more. My Mom is 87 years old and I am so grateful that she has been able to shelter in place at her home. We visit her often behind closed doors. My daughter Samantha came to live with my sister and I during quarantine, leaving Brooklyn behind. We have enjoyed walks, talks, home cooked dinners and Pictionary along with my sister, Jeanine. The Myer side of the family (in which there are many) began bi-weekly Zoom gatherings on Saturday nights with everyone sharing their “right now”. It has provided us with deeper insights to each family member…. and connected us all around the world.

Creating spaces within our homes has become a trend. Many DYI projects have come out of this pandemic; home offices, painting projects and many outdoor spaces enhancements, including vegetable gardens. Instead of planting flowers on my deck railing boxes this year, I planted herbs, kale, and tomato plants. I have gotten such enjoyment out using my homegrown garden.

Neighborhood gatherings have become a trend. Where did all these neighbors come from?? The children are riding bikes and playing outside again. It has been lovely to see. Reminds me of “back in the day” when we just went outside to play with our friends on the block. Recently, my neighbors and I had a “driveway” block party. Everyone brought their own everything and for many of us, this was the first time we had socialized in months. We all had a great time and I know we will do it again!!

The businesses that were deemed essential, such as ours at Ridgewood Moving, were fortunate for sure, as we were able to maintain our team and operate throughout. Some businesses excelled during this period while others were forced to shut down such as our beloved Retailers, Restaurants and of course our hair and nail salons. As these businesses are slowly allowed to reopen, it will feel different however a bit of a “back to normal” vibe. I am truly impressed with the creativity that many businesses have shown during the last few months and excited to see as businesses reopen. Towns are closing streets for pedestrians and enabling outdoor retail displays as well as a whole new outdoor dining experience. This weekend, I was in the Hamptons and went through a drive through winery “window” and picked up a couple of bottles of wine!! Parking lots are being converted into beautiful dining areas and drive in movie theaters are making a come back. I’m rooting for each and every business out there. Check out Outdoor Dining NJ on Facebook for a list of surrounding restaurants.

Stay the course and stay safe is the message I say to my team at Ridgewood Moving. I believe that this quarantine made my team closer. By maintaining continual two way communication with office team and front line moving professionals, we as a united team felt a sense of comfort…. which translated into many awesome moving experiences. Our zoom meetings with our office team were as much a conversation and sharing, as they were about business. The true silver lining during these unique circumstances, to me…. comes down to the value of relationships whether work or home. Being able to seek support or just socialize with our friends and family members, colleagues and co-workers through various virtual platforms was a positive. If it wasn’t for my network and resources I may be writing a very different message, but I am grateful for the love and support that surrounds me and I hope you are fortunate to feel the same.

Wishing everyone the best of everything…….Be Safe and Be Well Always!!

Karen Oleson highlighted her business on a zoom webinar a few weeks back and I found her and her partner Stephen to be so creative and very trendy in this “new age’. The home office is here to stay, with so many clever ways to create your own unique space at home.

Marsha, has been a very supportive friend and colleague for me and is considered part of our team at Ridgewood Moving Services. Marsha has a HR consulting business and recently updated my handbook. Currently, Marsha is assisting us in updating our RMS process and procedure manual. I have reached out to Marsha on many occasions, but never so much since this pandemic hit. As a small business owner, she is our HR department and I would endorse her 100%!

I have been a great supporter of the Boys/Girls Club of Paterson/Passaic for over a decade. Wendy McGuire is the CEO and a dynamic leader. She has recently formed an alliance with several other non profit organizations to support communities with food deliveries and other needed resources. This is our charity feature of the month.