As you may know, Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Movers) has a slogan that says, “If it’s valuable to you, it’s important to us.” This is something that we truly want to uphold as a company. Whether it’s something small, like a wine glass, or something big, like a piano, we want to give the same amount of attention to each item.

Speaking of pianos, we take this area of Ridgewood Moving very seriously. For some people, their piano might be the most important item in their house, so we would like to accommodate them during a move by handling it with care. This is what differentiates us from cheap, low-quality moving services. These moving companies greatly lack the expertise and professionalism that Ridgewood Moving Services displays, leading to disastrous results.

Piano moving

At Ridgewood Moving Services, you can trust us with your valuables because we have years of experience. Our company has specialized in moving pianos since 1966 and has had nothing but positive reactions from our clients. Whether it’s a spinet, upright, or grand piano, we will be able to handle every kind of piano extremely well.

For example, we’re able to handle a 3,000 grand piano easily! With six men, we have to turn it on its side, take the legs off, and pad it up really well for the move. Sounds easy, right? The only reason we can move pianos so well is because we have a professional staff with the proper equipment. If you want to move a piano, you will need a piano board, straps, a moving pad, shrink wrap, and a sturdy dolly for transportation. Other moving companies may not have an expert moving staff or the proper equipment, but we have both qualities at Ridgewood Moving Services.

If you would like more information about our piano services, our website has a page dedicated to that area! On that page, we detail how we handle pianos, ensuring that we’re experts in this field. Or, if you would like to see some customer testimonials, you can read about our many satisfied clients here. If you’ve moved with us, please review us on Yelp, Google +, or Angie’s List. Take care, everyone, and thanks for reading!