Welcome to this month’s installment of testimonials! When we receive an excess of positive testimonials in a month, we highlight some of our biggest raving fans. We rely on our fans to spread the word about Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Movers), so thank you to everyone that contributed for this month’s post!

Here’s a large, glowing review found on our testimonial page:

JoAnn: “Truly look no further for the best moving company I’ve ever dealt with. This is from someone who has moved four (4) times, and not until my 4th time can I truly say it went perfectly. Except for the weather which Ridgewood Movers had no control over, but made all necessary adjustments and handled like true professionals.

Our home sold and buyers wanted it as soon as possible. With all the craziness of downsizing, I might have forgotten one very important component: a moving company. Please be aware this is only two (2) weeks before. When I called the office and explained my situation the staff was soon helpful, called me back with an appointment for the next day. Cindy came heard my many problems besides this crazy move. From the moment she walked through my front door I somehow knew I was in good hands.

The very next day I had my estimate and the game plan for the entire move, which at this point was exactly one (1) week away. I booked them immediately and have no regrets at all. Chris and Jimey were in my driveway on time, the first of two (2) trucks. FYI these guys were so professional and just GREAT to work with, they handled everything and supervised the other truck and workers. When they first got there I was a little nervous, one of them said to me, “not to worry they’ve got it,” and you knew they had it! For once everything went perfectly.

The crew went out of their way to make sure everything was covered with the bad weather we had that day. Neat, clean and extremely courteous, on one of your most stressful days they had your back. The estimate was right in range, no surprises, as I had in past moves. Trust me, look no further, you’ve found the right moving company, you can now relax.”

This next one came as a shock to us, as one of our clients sent us flowers after the move! Cindy Myer, CEO of Ridgewood Moving Services, was really surprised and said, “We’re supposed to be the ones sending our clients flowers!”


The fact that our clients would even think to send such a kind gesture to us remains as testament to the high quality of the service we provide. The flowers came with a card, which says:

“Thank you isn’t enough. Couldn’t have gotten through the day without you and your fabulous guys, you are amazing! All our thanks: Nancy and Phil.”

We also receive lots of short testimonials that are straight to the point! Here are some that I picked straight from the testimonials page:

Nick: “Very fine service. I will call again.”

Elizabeth: “Would definitely recommend you to friends.”

Susan and Richard: “Cindy – Thanks, we are loving our new digs!”

Sandy: “The movers worked so hard! Thanks again for everything!”

Are you a raving fan of Ridgewood Moving Services? Would you like to be featured on our blog? Then leave us a testimonial or a review! You can do so on our testimonials page, Yelp, Google +, or Angie’s List. Let your voice be heard! Thanks for reading everyone.