Today, I was lucky to shadow Steve Dalzell as he went to give Laura, a potential client, an estimate on her move. Laura originally wanted to move in June, but we couldn’t accommodate her because we’re booked for the entire month. Despite receiving estimates from other moving companies in June, she’s still considering using our services!

There’s a great reason for that, too: she loved our website, and it convinced her that she should reconsider us. We structure our website so that all the information isn’t about moving, which greatly appeals to her. For example, the front page has a letter from CEO Cindy Myer that addresses her target audience, while other tabs contain moving tips and display our involvement in the community.

Laura is a counselor who teaches students about applying to colleges, so she knows the importance of presentation. She even talked about Ridgewood Moving Services to her students as an example of a company with a presentable website! I can see Laura becoming one of our raving fans if she moves with us.

Here are a few pictures of the house that Steve gave an estimate for:


Here’s a shot of Steve and Laura. Steve uses a tablet running an application called TechMate, which helps him take down inventory for each move. When I asked him about his methods for giving an estimate, he told me, “It’s not rocket science!” I can see why he said that for someone who’s been doing this job for years. He was incredibly professional about everything during the estimate and did a fantastic job.

Steve:Laura 2

One of the things that Steve stressed to me during the estimate was the importance of knowing about special items. He told me, “Every single house is different. You have to ensure you can accommodate the client’s needs in every way.” In the picture, Laura tells Steve that this piece of furniture is really heavy, alerting him that it will need special treatment.

Steve Fragile Painting

This picture is also one of these specialty items, as the frame is very fragile. Our movers will need to take extra precautions to keep it safe. Because Ridgewood Moving Services only hires professional movers, this will not be much of an issue for them.

Dairy Dishes

Another thing that makes this estimate unique is the fact that it’s for a Jewish household. As you can see, these dishes are strictly for dairy only, so our movers will have to pack them separately from other dishes.

Meat Dishes

The same goes for these dishes! They cannot be mixed with the dairy dishes. As Steve said before, every house is different. Therefore, we need to take note of potential issues and prepare for them to give our clients the best move possible.

If you want your own estimate, do not hesitate to call us at 201-529-2211. If you’ve used us in the past, please write us a review on Yelp, Google Business, or Angie’s List. I hope you enjoyed this tour!