To everyone that helped make the Paterson Toy Sale successful this year, thank you! To the people that organized the event, our movers that transported the toys, and the generous individuals that made toy donations, thank you! The event was a great success and we helped touch the lived of many kids in the process.

Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Moving) looks forward to supporting the Paterson Toy Sale every year, so we were happy to see all the excited children getting new toys for the holidays! We want to be more than a moving company by giving back to our community. This is what is important to us!

Did you miss the event? Betsy Haley helped organize the Paterson Toy Sale and had some wonderful things to say about the event and our volunteer work. She helps paint a great picture of the magic that happened during the toy sale, so please take a look:

Another great Paterson Toy Sale weekend!


The toys were wonderful this year and the children just loved the night. So many toys left in small hands. Saturday was also a good morning.


As usual our volunteers gave away the store. But there were so many happy faces! We made $2200 to be donated in equal portions to The Boys and Girls Club and CUMAC, the food pantry in Paterson. The left over toys were donated to the Boys Club to be distributed to community charities.

Thanks to Cindy Myer and Ridgewood Moving Services, to Montvale Schools, to all the scouts and their leaders, and Bergen Highlands United Methodist Church for continuing their support of the Paterson Toy Sale. 32 years and still going strong!


Wishing you a blessed and very merry Christmas.


Thanks Bets

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