Did you know Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Moving) works with Updater to make your move much smoother? That’s right! Updater is a electronic solution that automatically updates any accounts you may have to your new address. For example, Updater will let people know you moved so you don’t have to tell them!

Here is a full list of its capabilities:

  • Transfer and connect utilities and home services
  • Forward your mail with the USPS
  • Notify businesses & accounts of your new address
  • Receive special, moving-related discounts
  • Send digital moving announcements to friends and family

Recently, blogger Jenna Weinerman from Updater interviewed Cindy Myer about her experience as a moving professional and how she adapts to new technology as we progress through the modern era. It’s a fantastic piece that you can read by clicking here. We’ve provided two notable quotes from their blog below, but we highly encourage that you read the entire thing to gain some insight on Cindy and Ridgewood Moving!

What makes Ridgewood Moving Services unique?


Our company has been around for 51 years with a stellar reputation serving 3 generations of families as well as the business community.

Our “We CARE” core value is what we are all about – we care about our customers, our company and each other. We hire and train our team with these principals and are always looking for ways to improve. We have daily huddles, weekly staff meetings, monthly movers meeting and a yearly full day “RMS University” retreat for the entire company.


What makes us unique is that we are more than just a moving company, we are a total resource for our customers’ moving needs. In addition, we are all about giving back to our community and involve ourselves with many philanthropic activities all year round.


Has working with Updater been successful for Ridgewood? 


We saw the added value that Updater brought to our company right away. Being in such a highly competitive industry, we’re always looking for something to set us apart. At the time, we were the only company in our area that was working with Updater for our clients. We are averaging a 70% open rate on our invitations (which is awesome!) and our customers appreciate the one-stop-shop for address changes so it’s been a win/win for us.

Thanks Jenna for the interview! If you want to learn more about Updater, you can visit their website here. You can also ask any of our moving representatives about it when you call us. It’s a service that’s 100% free and we’re happy to provide it to our clients!

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