Cindy Myer, CEO of Ridgewood Moving Services (Ridgewood Moving), is now the first woman president of the New Jersey Warehousemen and Movers Association (NJWMA). This nonprofit organization was established in 1969 in order to educate movers and clients alike about State and Federal Regulations for moving. Essentially, it helps make sure that moving stays as a safe industry for everyone involved!

That’s why we want to help spread its values here on our blog and talk about how you can avoid moving scams. Moving scams are abundant and can cause some serious issues for you and all your personal belongings. That’s why it’s extremely important to do research on moving companies that are reliable and trustworthy before making a decision! NJWMA was able to provide some tips on its website that will help you recognize these type of scams:

Get an accurate estimate: Use a local, established company that will come to your home and give you a written estimate or a binding price. Have a written list of items to be moved and show each estimator everything on the list to be moved, items not to be moved and special requests. Show them all items that you expect the mover to pack and what you will pack. Don’t accept a mover that doesn’t come to your home; low prices quoted over the phone or on the Internet can be changed on moving day. Beware of the lowest price.

What can change the price? A mover is allowed to change the price if ANY circumstances change that was not included in the original price, but he must ask you to sign a ‘change order’ BEFORE they start loading the truck. Moving includes normal delivery. Additional charges should be expected if problems arise during your move, especially when known problems are not included in writing. Here are some common reasons: (a) You did not request packing of boxes and did not get all your packing completed or added packing not shown to the estimator. (b) Your shipment is delivered into a building with flights of stairs or elevator, and not written on the estimate (c) Access to your residence is more that 75 feet from the mover’s truck to your front door or, if large trucks can’t get within a reasonable distance, shuttle charges for a smaller truck may be required. (d) You have added or changed the items to be moved, changed dates or destination. (e) Delays beyond the mover’s control; such as waiting time for closing or delivery delays, rearranging furniture or restacking in a storage space, basement, attic or garage. (f) Storage and redelivery costs.


What coverage is included for damages? Movers are only responsible for damages up to $.60 per pound per article unless you purchase additional coverage with your mover. You should purchase insurance through the mover, your homeowner’s policy or other insurer at additional cost before the move begins. Movers do not assume any responsibility for: (a) Money, jewelry or collections. (b) Operating condition of appliances and electronics or loss of data. (c) Missing items not specifically inventoried by the mover unless documented as missing on delivery. (d) Items previously broken or repaired. (e) Damaged items not documented on delivery. (f) Loss or damage to items packed in cartons by you. Items that are packed and unpacked by the mover are only covered up to $.60 per lb unless you purchased insurance.

Other important items: Do not pack or move items that may cause damage to your shipment, such as matches, flammables, propane, aerosols or liquids like bleach. This could void all insurance. Don’t sign a blank ‘change order’. Be sure you receive a copy of everything you sign, and keep it safe until the move is finished. You are about to give everything you own to people that you do not know; its wise to do research!

Like what you read? If you want to be more informed, then please visit the NJWMA website by clicking here. On that page, you will find extensive information that will keep you safe before a move. There are also plenty of other helpful pages to browse, so feel free to do so, especially if you’re a first time mover!

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