There are those that feel that it is unwise to do business with friends. “I never do business with friends” is a statement we might hear. I guess the theory behind those words are if something goes wrong it can end a friendship.

When I look at my business and the years of friendships built from growing up in Ridgewood, raising my family in Montvale as well as establishing Mahwah as our business community and home base for Ridgewood Moving….. that adds up to over 50 years. Relationships and pride of what you do are what makes running my business so fulfilling. I cherish the friendships and connections that have formed over the years and know that I do business with those that I know, like and trust.

People do business with people they know, like and trust.

Companies depend on the reputation and the relationships that have been built through the course many years in business You get to know a company from their website, social media presence, google ratings and of course the best of all….word of mouth. Organic growth in my opinion, is the most authentic way to build your business. Organic growth comes from the referrals, friends, repeat customers and by being “known” in your community. It has always been important to us as a culture to be more than a moving company, but a total resource to those that need us. We are very committed to giving back and not for the recognition but because it is part of our DNA and because we care.

People want to do business with people they like.
When it comes to first impressions, you know what they say, “you only have one chance”. In business we develop relationships with colleagues that become our friends sharing and supporting each other’s businesses through introductions and referrals, makes for good business. With a new customer, it truly warms my heart, to be told how less stressed I made someone feel or less anxious. I was even dubbed “move therapist” from a former customer, which I loved because when you are moving, you need a little move therapy!!

Trust……..this is the most important, for trust is earned not a given.
I follow that school of thought every day. We, as a company must deliver on our promises for all customers. We want to buy from people that do what they say and fulfill their promises and will fix things if/when things go wrong. There should and needs to be a mutual respect on the friendship guide to doing business. I have found with friends, you need to set clear parameters as how to handle their move with me and my team in a businesslike fashion that preserves our friendship and my business structure. The trust and faith that I have in my own team, gives me the confidence to move my friends, family, colleagues and the generations of families we have come to know over the 55 years in business.

I sincerely cherish the friendships and relationships over the years and greatly appreciate the business that comes from it, which is at least 50%. So, when people say “I don’t do business with friends”, I say that’s not good business. Have confidence in what you do and what you say and most of all what you deliver!!

I’ve included a couple of woman entrepreneurs that I am supporting and giving a shout out as a result of doing business together AND who I happen to LIKE, TRUST and have gotten to know. I feel very blessed that I get to meet so many people, get to hear so many stories through this industry of moving people’s lives. It is truly empowering to be able to support, give back and be a part of the next chapter…to be continued.


Be Safe, Be Well…………